Changing customer behaviors, wide spread of E-commerce and online shopping have been affecting automotive industry as well as other retail businesses. More and more customers use internet to research car purchases and they tend to make less visits to the dealer showrooms before making a decision. The key to grabbing customer attention is therefore in delivering outstanding personalized service.

Digital media solutions help to create innovative and appealing environment in a showroom for a more effective engagement with the customer.


Video walls and large displays

In combination with appealing content and creative interior design video walls and LED screens can transform the showroom experience. 

  • Display photos of the new vehicles models to promote sales
  • Tailor content displayed on your screens to specific audience or customer's preferences
  • Offer special deals or discounts to attract customer's attention

Interactive screens and touch points

Transform over to digital content and move away from print materials and traditional price labels.

  • Display vehicle specification, pricing options and other details allowing your customer to retrieve as much information as needed
  • Offer individual deals or discounts
  • Display partnered bank offers, credit calculators

Explore further opportunities to transform the dealer showrooms into high-tech experience centers

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