General information

Choose the right size of the display to make your message noticeable. Large-format professional displays are available in different sizes (from 10 to 110 inches) and resolutions including Full HD and 4K.

Should you need even a bigger display surface, mounting a video wall would be one of the solutions. Video walls can be assembled in different sizes and formats (e.g. 3x3, 2x1, 4x1, etc.) depending on your needs and preferences and expected viewing distance. Video slicing technology or irregular format would make your system stand out.

By connecting your displays to media players and a content management systems you can easily create and distribute your messages from anywhere in the world.

Scenarios of use


  • Displaying special offers or demonstrating new arrivals in your store
  • Flagship stores design (show windows and store interior)

 Banks and Insurance companies

  • Marketing and communication campaigns to promote products
  • Branches design

 Public transport

  • Displaying real-time information in transport (routes, traffic, delays, etc.)
  • Advertising screens on train station or bus stops
  • Information panels to display maps, destinations, tariffs and etc.


  • Showrooms design
  • Outdoor and indoor advertising panels


  • Conference rooms equipment
  • Information screens to deliver internal communications
  • Corporate TV

 Hotels and recreation facilities

  • Displaying daily programs, menus, weather and special notification
  • Outdoor information panels and way-finding systems

 Cafes and restaurants

  • Interior design
  • Indoor and outdoor information panels, menu boards

 Engineering and technology companies

  • Showrooms and experience centers design

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