Since many financial institutions recovered from the global financial crisis the new market trends have come into play affecting the way how banks run their businesses. Among these trends are evolving customer expectations, declining branch traffic and digital innovations.

To be able to continue growth in the new reality banks and insurance companies are revisiting the way how they engage with customers at every interaction, including marketing and customer acquisition, on-boarding and products setup, support and customer service. Effectively leveraging digital technologies to drive innovation is key in this transformation journey.


Branch offices and POS design

  • Displays in show window 
    Bright displays in show windows attract customers and allow for more flexibility through integration with content management systems and media players. You can dynamically change the content displayed on your screens from product information to actual currency rates or financial newsfeed.
    There is a variety of mounting options available including almost invisible steel wires to minimize space requirements.
  • Displays in branches
    Effectively use the time that your customers are spending while waiting in a queue. Display products information, special offers or stock exchange rates to increase awareness of your customers and promote products. 
    Influence decision making process by displaying statistical, actual financial information or forecasts.

Queue management

  • Queue management kiosks and information screens
    Manage expectations of your customers coming to the branch and use information collected from the system to analyze customer behaviors and improve service.

Additional services

  • iPad kiosk infotainment stations for children
    Increase the loyalty of your customers and elevate their experience by providing dedicated areas where children can play games on a tablet or watch educational videos.
  • Educational kiosks
    Playback a video demonstrating how to use your mobile application to perform money transfer, check balances or report claims and reduce the number of calls to your customer service desk.
  • Interactive newsrooms
    The concept of newsrooms is being successfully adopted by companies outside of media industry. Some of large insurance firms are operating its own newsrooms, which supports their online-first strategy and highly appreciated by employees and customers.

Self-service kiosks and touch points

  • Interactive information kiosks
    Touch-enabled monitors and kiosks provide an excellent opportunity to help your customers compare products or get additional information without the need to wait in a queue to talk to one of the sales assistants in your branch.
    What's more you can interact with your customer and automate the decision workflow to advise on the financial or insurance products.
    Above all that helps you to cut costs by moving away from print materials and transforming into digital content.
  • Display of individual offers
    Many customers are using online services to sign up for a service or purchase a product. Imagine that they walk in your branch and get their individual offer or financial calculator using QR code or any other identifier. 
  • Services sign-up applications submission
    Customers no longer need to wait long time in a queue or until all the information is entered into the system by the branch assistant. They can submit a claim or pre-fill an application form for for a new product or service themselves directly at your branch. 
    Embedded software and identification mechanism allow your customers get a quick access to their accounts, financial services and tools.
Invest in adopting digital technology now to provide a secured customer-centric service to your customers

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