General information

Freestanding screens have gained their popularity for a number of reasons. They are relatively easy to mount, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, fall directly into the site of your customers and can be built to satisfy specific design requirements.


Scenarios of use


  • In-store panels to display special offers or product information

 Banks and Insurance companies

  • Information panels in  branches to display product information
  • Displaying real-time information (e.g. currency rates) and custom notifications

 Public transport

  • Displaying real-time information in train stations, airport terminals or at bus stops


  • Showrooms design
  • Displaying price and vehicle details


  • Reception and lobby areas design
  • Information panels (e.g. meeting room occupancy and schedule)

 Hotels and recreation facilities

  • Displaying daily programs, menus, weather and hotel notifications


  • Advertising panels at gates and in VIP lounges
  • Displaying flights status or terminal plan


  • Displaying touristic information and sightseeing guides
  • Announcements of city festivals and other events
  • Advertising displays

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