Healthcare consumers have become more informed thanks to wide spread of internet and easy access to information. Patients are expecting more engaging interaction with healthcare providers and hassle-free access to medical services and institutions fully equipped with modern diagnostic technologies.

Digital channels are overtaking traditional marketing channels and like commercial enterprises, healthcare providers, pharmaceuticals, life sciences and biotech corporations are investing in tools and processes to better understand their market and custom segments and ultimately improve patience experience and grow their business.

Digital technologies can not only enhance customer experience, but also reduce operational costs and improve service quality.


In-hospital experience

Getting professional medical assistance is not the only factor influencing patient's decision-making process. Well organized processes and managed expectations elevate customer satisfaction and confidence.

  • Way-finding kiosks help your customers navigate in the building
  • Queue management systems help to better manage your patients expectations
  • Information displays helping patients to orientate themselves in the building
  • Topical videos or educations apps played on the displays in the waiting areas to increase patients awareness and to efficiently use their waiting time
  • Information and educational campaigns promoting healthy life-style (e.g. nutritional guidelines in cafeteria)

Care delivery

Robotic surgery, 3D printing, implantable devices and other digital- and technology-enabled innovations target prevention, monitoring, and treatment. High-resolution screens and display technologies help to easily share, transmit and display information to get additional expertise or get patient well informed.

  • Medical imaging and diagnostic displays
  • E-learning systems

Start using digital solutions to retain patients loyalty or improve day-to-day operations

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