General information

For most digital out of home (DOOH) applications it is crucial to have screens that work under different weather conditions. LED screens are optimized for outdoor use providing outstanding picture quality during the daytime, in direct sunlight, and at night.

LED screens can be built in any size or shape and in comparison to LCD video walls do not have any borders (bezels) between the modules that separate screens from each other in LCD video wall.

Our LED displays are available in a wide range of pixel pitches from 0,9 to 60 mm! Our experts will guide you on how to choose configuration for each individual case.

Scenarios of use


  • Stores interior and exterior
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Flagship stores design

 Banks and Insurance companies

  • Branches design
  • Products promotion

 Public transport

  • Real-time information in transport (routes, traffic, delays, etc.)
  • Advertising screens
  • Information panels


  • Showrooms design
  • Outdoor advertising screens

 Stadiums and sport halls

  • Live streaming
  • Advertising panels
  • Museums of history (e.g. football museums)
  • VIP tribunes design


  • Information and social campaigns
  • Art exhibitions


  • Departures and arrivals information
  • Advertising panels


  • Headquarters and telecommunication towers design

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