Transportation companies throughout the world are being challenged to leverage digital technologies to deliver exceptional customer experience and increase their revenues from non-transportation services.

The term 'Smart airport' has been adopted to reflect how airports are transforming their businesses. Smart public transportation is another initiative to drive intelligent and passenger-friendly bus service innovations designed to bring benefits to both commuters and public authorities across several cities in Europe. Railway transportation is impacted by the same trends as bus operations and these include constantly increasing customers demands and widespread of Uber and other disruptors.



  • Departures and arrivals information
    It is crucial to select the right screen format and place monitors in the airport terminal so that passengers can easily find information and view it from a distance.
  • Displays in waiting lobbies and at gates with targeted content
    Digital signage system allow you to easily manage and dynamically change the content displayed on multiple screens in the airport. Imagine passengers waiting at the gate to depart to Paris watching a video about the local perfume stores, fashion malls or michelin restaurants.
  • Displays in baggage claim areas
    Information screens and advertising panels with variety of design and mounting options can help your passengers to orientate themselves in the baggage claim area or view promotional videos while waiting for their luggage.
  • When size matters 
    Size of an airport terminal allows for installing video walls and LED displays in extra-large format, making them almost impossible for passengers to miss.

Bus transportation

  • Information screen in busses
    Monitors in a bus can be used to display route information, travel tariffs or available connections making the passenger journey easy and stress-free.
  • Advertising screens and information panels at bus stops
    Information screens and advertising panels with variety of design and mounting options can help passengers with route planning or display ads to grab their attention while the bus is on the way.

Railway and underground

  • Advertising panels at the platform
    Located at the platform or train station panels can playback videos or display dynamically changing content, which make them stand out from traditional printed posters. This elevates passenger's experience and allows for easier operation and management of your signage network.
  • Way-finding and navigation kiosks
    Way-finding kiosks and large touch-enabled screens with integrated software help your customers navigate in the train station and reach their connections without stress.
  • Information screens
    Actual information on the trains schedule, delays and route changes displayed in different languages and well seen from a distance helps to reduce the flow of request to the information officers on the station and provide a better passenger service.
Use the opportunity to provide an enhanced passenger service and increase revenues by implementing digital media solutions

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