Lobby and reception areas

Lobbies and reception areas can never be missed by your employees or guests and therefore are perfect places to tell a story about your company or communicate your brand values. Digital solutions help to create a welcoming environment for your guest and maintain corporate spirit.

  • Way-finding screens to help your customers navigate in the building
  • Videos playback to articulate your corporate values
  • Newsfeeds, corporate TV
  • Social media boards

Internal communications

Creating a comfortable working environment and delivering clear communication is key in maintaining high motivation and satisfaction levels of your employees.

  • Corporate TV, screens that display data from your corporate systems: CRM, ERP, SharePoint, etc.
  • Dashboards, KPIs and production metrics
  • Screens outside of your meeting rooms to display current occupancy and booking schedule
  • Video-presence and high-tech conference rooms
  • Screens automatically switching to displaying special content in case of emergency
Invest in a better working environment for your employees and use media technology
to implement communication strategy that reflects your brand values

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