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Het brede scala aan beschikbare technologieën, ons moduleprincipe en de verscheidenheid aan montageopties maken elke installatie uniek. We analyseren individuele behoeften en adviseren over technologieproducten en opties voor systeemimplementatie. Ons partnerschap met diverse fabrikanten en distributeurs over de hele wereld stelt ons in staat om technologie te bieden die het beste aan uw doelstellingen voldoet. Bovendien bieden we maatwerksystemen in geval er op de markt geen kant-en-klare oplossing bestaat.

Een digitaal media- of signagesysteem bestaat uit verschillende componenten die de mogelijkheid bieden voor contentbeheer en -distributie, weergave en afspelen, en interactie met de gebruiker of zelfs met diens omgeving. Klik op de tabbladen hieronder voor meer informatie over elk van de componenten en om te zien hoe verschillende producten bepaalde functies van uw systeem kunnen activeren.

Multiple researches evidence that 90% of information received by our brain is visual. Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text and stay longer in our memory.

The are many other reasons why majority of enterprises today prioritize creating visual content assets. Browse through our products below or contact us to get assistance.

For transmitting a static picture to a display simple connection to a laptop or a workstation will be enough. Should you wish to arrange a scheduled distribution of dynamically changing content, play 4K videos or manage your system remotely, integration with a media player and a content management system will be required.

We offer media players from different manufactures with different sets of embedded features. Should you plan installation of a dual Full HD display or to set up your venue with multiple screens - we will advise on the fitting product.

Automatic update features, embedded firewalls and data protection tools  ensure security of your network.

Content management is a crucial element in leveraging the power of media technology, delivering a clear message to your target audience, enhancing your brand presence and ultimately growing your business.

Content Management System (CMS) is a software, which contains a number of functions related to organization and delivery of your content, be it images, videos or a complex feed integrated with social media or news streams.

Common CMS functions

  • Visual built of content and content creation
  • Status monitoring and dashboards to control all screens in your digital signage network
  • Wide range of functionality for video, dynamic information like news feeds, weather, traffic situation or custom notifications
  • Enhanced scheduling, which allows to deliver a specific message in a defined time to a specific location

Some considerations

  • Scalability
  • Supported formats and content types
  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Access requirements (web-based / desktop)

Technology innovations and wide spread of Internet have significantly changed consumer behaviors and the way how enterprises run their businesses. Internet connectivity has expanded further than connecting computers in any part of the world - everyday objects have become part of the network and this opens almost unlimited opportunities for retailers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

Imagine that your digital signage receives information from the surrounding environment and reacts on events. As mind-blowing as it sounds, using Internet of Things (IoT) in digital signage is no longer impossible: with just a few additional components in your digital signage infrastructure you can connect your POS-terminals, smartphones, product items and other objects in your store, branch or showroom to deliver targeted personalized messages and ultimately better engage with your customers.


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