Our History

ElADi has been formed in 2016 as a sub-brand of Medivas GmbH & Co. KG founded in 2010. While Medivas has a strong focus on delivering media solutions for buildings and offices, corporate events and trade shows, as well as equipment rental, ElADi specializes in complex digital media and signage solutions and LED/OLED display technologies. We work with diverse market segments and deliver tailored solutions.

Our Geography

With headquarters in Wuppertal, Germany, ElADi delivers solutions across Europe as well as outside of the European region. We have got partners in multiple locations across the globe, which gives us flexibility and enables us to successfully deliver projects regardless of the client's location. Our clients portfolio includes companies operating in Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Great Britain, Turkey and many more.

Why Eladi

Individual approach

Each solution is unique. We work with individual requirements to plan and build out a solution, which best fits client's needs and helps them realize their ideas, regardless of how ambitious they might be.

High quality products

Products in our stock meet the highest technical standards and we ensure outstanding quality of the all our solutions. We are also happy to deliver a particular technology to meet specific client's demands. We work with multiple partners across the globe to ensure we can always offer required equipment.

Fast turn-around time

We guarantee our clients a 24-hour turnaround time for any requests. For out-of-the-box solutions you can expect to get a quote and a personal consultation within this timeframe.


We have got a flat hierarchy, which enables us to execute projects effectively and within tight timelines. Our team of professionals is focused on the result and providing exceptional experience to our clients.

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