Digital transformation is challenging traditional business models and value chains in hospitality and the broader real estate sector. E-commerce has impacted in-store shopping, distribution facilities and traditional staffing models. Several online services providers have entered the industry without owning large hotel chains and are successfully competing with traditional enterprises making them to re-think how they are operating. 

Rising customer demands force companies to adopt technology innovations to enhance customer experience.


Real estate agencies

  • Property information display 
    Bright displays in show windows attract customers and allow for more flexibility through integration with content management systems and media players. Using touch screens and interactive panels outside of your branch enable your customers to get information even outside of the service hours.
    There is a variety of mounting options available including almost invisible steel wires to minimize space requirements.
  • Inspire your customers in the branch
    Display photos of property objects on screens in your branch and let the customers browse through available offers using interactive kiosks.


  • Information screens and concierge service
    Display real-time content like weather and flight information, entertainment options, area maps, actual evening program agenda, upcoming events and weather forecasts.
  • Self-service kiosks 
    Self-service kiosks can be multifunctional allowing your customers to search for information, check in and check out or even see the rooms plan and book accommodation directly in the hotel.
  • Way-finding 
    Indoors or outdoors way-finding screens help your customers navigate in the hotel or get around the city.
Learn more about these and many more digital solutions that have been successfully adopted by hospitality enterprises
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