Some researches evidence, that many telecommunication companies still heavily rely on manual processes, which creates a huge potential for improvement and automation, particularly in the areas of customer care, sales and billing.

Huge investments have been traditionally made in infrastructure and core products and services, but only some operators have increased their spends on social engagement strategies or digital advertising. At the same time it is absolutely critical to make sure that customers have an excellent brand experience at each and every touch point and to develop a story that connects with consumers while reinforcing company's strategic positioning.


Self-service kiosks and touch points

Today's customers, especially those savvy with omni-channels expect the in-store experience to be a complete reflection of what they have experienced online and on mobile. Many of them expect detailed product information to be brought up together with special deals, similar product items and accessories. 

  • Product advisor / product configurator
  • Digital catalogues
  • Tarif advisor

POS kiosks

Customers can subscribe for a service or order a phone in just a few clicks using an interactive terminal in your store avoiding spending time in a queue to the cash desk. They can pick up the item in your store or order custom delivery.

HQ and flagship stores design

Large-format screens placed in your store with information about the high-end products, technology services and special deals will help transform your traditional store into a technology showroom attracting more customers.

LED panels and other media technology used for exterior design create amazing effects and make the building stand out and well identified from longer distances and at any time and under any weather conditions.

  • Displays and large-format screens in store
  • Building's facade design
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