Recent market trends are forcing retail companies to transform their businesses and re-think their marketing strategies. Continuously growing online shopping, new generation of customers who are native with technology and our overconnected world force enterprises to revisit their operations and invest more in digital. Stores are less perceived as simple single points of sales and are being transformed into customer-centric showrooms and experience centers well equipped with high-end technology.


Attractive stores design

  • Displays in show window 
    Get new products displayed on bright screens in your show window to attract customers to come in. Benefit from opportunity to easily manage the content displayed on your screens and change it without the need to re-issue paper posters or dress up your models. 
    There is a variety of mounting options available including almost invisible steel wires to minimize space requirements.
  • Video walls in stores  
    Videos or photo slides played on a big video wall create a unique shopping atmosphere and help bringing your customers in the right mood.

In-store experience

  • Digital products catalogue
    Digital signage system can interact with the products your store and display information about a particular iteam the customer is interested in. Imagine that your customer picks up a shoe or touches a dress on the model and all the product details, available sizes and its place in the store is displayed on the monitor.
  • Products advisor 
    Identify your customer and show individual recommendations based on his history of purchases, preferred colors or favorite clothing style. 
    What's more you can obtain customer's parameters or simply scan his face to recommend clothing or beauty products. With interactive mirrors you can go much further and show how selected product would suit your customer without him trying it on!
Start your digital transformation journey and create a unique shopping experience for your customers

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